Are you looking for variety in a job? Do you need some extra cash? Do you want your voice to be heard about the brands you interact with on a daily basis? If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then Corporate Research International (CRI) is the right team for you.

Commonly referred to by others in our industry as “Mystery Shoppers,” our team is comprised of independently-contracted auditors who provide quantitative and qualitative assessments of the brands they encounter on any given day.

Our auditors conduct telephone and on-site evaluations of properties owned or operated by our clients. During each project you accept, you are responsible for thoroughly and accurately evaluating the performance of a given brand and submitting your findings to CRI for processing and analysis. We provide compensation for each assignment you complete.

Our auditors enjoy a number of benefits, including:

Job variety and quantity
Work schedule flexibility
Easy online scheduling and reporting
Training to help you succeed as an auditor
PayPal and direct deposit payment options
Weekly payment for jobs completed
Personalized access to auditor resources
Regular announcements about new jobs
We are proud of the accurate, valuable data our auditors provide for our clients. We pay more than other firms because we expect more from our auditors. When you become an auditor, we will provide you with the training you need to successfully evaluate corporate brands. If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Research International auditor, please fill out an application.

Opportunities to work as an auditor are available to anyone over 18 in many countries around the globe. Certain assignments may have age restrictions imposed by the client.